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HCAHPS Survey Questions Example

Can you identify these insights in the learned decisioning rules below?

  1. Patient ages 60+, those with Oncology or Spine services and those in units 1E and 2E had undesireable survey results.
  2. Younger patients using Medical and Obstetric service lines and those with a 7AM-3PM discharge had more favorable results.
  3. Transfers to a SNF or LTC facility had undesirable results.

You decide which are actionable within your organization.

The question:

During this hospital stay, how often did nurses explain things in a way you could understand?

number of patient visits that conform to the IF-IS rule
percentge of patient visits applicable to the learned rule
contribution to overall predictive power
  Response class mapped from survey responses of ‘Always’
  Response class mapped from survey responses of ‘Never, Sometimes, Usually

Decisioning Rules


"The relationships between these findings and quality measures are not stationary.  They are continually changing at their own pace in a way that is likely unique to your organization."


It may be desireable to aggregate findings across question responses within the same category, such as 'Nursing Care'.   The interactive treemap below allows one to do this..   Just select the Survey Question Category and Outcome class to visualize the factors associated with the selected outcome within that question category.



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